Best Paintball in Indiana (IN)

Winner - Best Paintball in Indiana IN




Fort Knox Paintball in Winamac is a great paintball park. They even have a three story sky deck for spectators to views games from! If their spectator seating is that exciting, you can imagine how the fields are. First and foremost is their Orion field. It’s a 3 level rocket ship compound scenario field. It’s absolutely incredible. Fort Knox Paintball also offers many other themed fields. They have reasonable field and rental fees, plus their paint prices aren’t bad either. Fort Knox Paintball is a field paint only park, so plan on purchasing your paint when you get there. You should also ask about their VIP Gold Club, if you’re a frequent player. Fort Knox paintball has a lot to offer, from paintball and paintball events to laser tag. They have some amazing fields, so definitely make sure you check them out! Fort Knox Paintball does require signed waivers from all players. Players under the age of 18 will also need the signature of a parent or guardian. The waiver can be signed on site, or printed out from their website and signed beforehand.



Located in Hobart is Blast Camp. They are the longest running paintball park in the area, having been in business for over 25 years. At Blast Camp they offer traditional and Low Impact paintball, as well as airsoft. There’s something here for everyone to enjoy! Their prices are very fair overall, for field and rental fees, as well as paint prices. Blast Camp is a field paint only facility, so plan on purchasing your paint when you get there. If you’re a frequent paintball players, definitely check out their Officer’s Club. It includes free field fee and rentals for walk on play, and a steep discount on cases of paint! Blast Camp has lots of great fields and obstacles. Their scenario fields include cemetery, skeleton creek, mission control, and more. They’re really well set up to handle their super fun themed events. For a great time, be sure to check out Blast Camp! Blast Camp requires signed waivers for all players. For players under 18 years old, the waiver also needs to be signed by a parent or guardian. The waiver is available to file and sign electronically on their website.



Sherwood Paintball, located in LaPorte, has some really amazing structures in their woodsball fields. You absolutely have to check out their insane castles! They’re gigantic, and totally feel like you’re defending a real castle! Completely takes your game experience to the next level. Sherwood Paintball has 11 different fields, ranging from woodsball to speedball. All of their fields are a total blast to play. Their field and rental fees are super affordable. Sherwood Paintball is a field paint only facility, but they offer both high and premium quality paints to fit your budget. You should definitely check out their membership plans if you play a lot of paintball. And don’t forget to keep an eye on any events they’re holding! There’s really only so much we can say. To truly understand how incredible Sherwood Paintball is, you need to see it for yourself! Sherwood Paintball requires a signed waiver from all of their players. Players from 10-18 years old must get the signature of a parent or guardian as well. Waivers can be signed digitally on their website.



Explore Brown County in Nashville offers a huge variety of outdoor activities. Ziplines, ATV tours, camping, paintball and more! Given that they offer so much to do you might think their paintball is pretty limited… and you would be completely wrong! Although they do offer a lot, they have a ton of space set aside just for paintball. In fact, they have 10 different fields! They have a variety of woodsball fields, scenario fields, and speedball fields as well! Plus, they are set up to run a variety of different game modes like Capture the Flag, Terminator, Protect the President, and more. Their field and rental fees are very reasonable. Their paint prices are good, too. You should ask about their VIP Memberships if you really love playing paintball. The minimum age to play is 10, but players as young as 8 can join when accompanied by an adult on the field. With so much to do, you should definitely make sure you check out the paintball at Explore Brown County!