Best Paintball Hoppers in 2024
(Ultimate Buying Guide)


Best Paintball Hoppers - Virtue Spire IR

Best Paintball Hopper
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Best Paintball Hoppers - Dye LT-R

Best Paintball Hopper
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Best Paintball Hoppers - Virtue Spire IV

Best Paintball Hopper
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Best Paintball Hoppers - Empire Halo Too

Best Paintball Hopper
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Best Paintball Hoppers - Dye R2

Best Paintball Hopper
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Best Paintball Hoppers - Empire Prophecy Z2

Best Paintball Hopper
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Best Paintball Hoppers - Bunkerkings CTRL

Best Paintball Hopper
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Best Paintball Hoppers - Empire Halo Too (New Version)

Best Paintball Hopper
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Best Paintball Hoppers - HK Army Pinokio

Best Paintball Hopper
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Table of Contents

What Is A Paintball Hopper And Why It Is Important

If you are new to the paintball game, you must wonder what a paintball hopper is. If you don’t know what a paintball hopper is, then in simple words, it is a paintball loader. It is an essential gear that attaches to a paintball gun. It is used to refill the gun/marker. The paintball hopper is where you put the paintballs while you play your paintball game. The hopper can affect your overall game, and if you don’t have the right hopper, your firing rate and accuracy rate may be affected. If you are looking for the best paintball hoppers, this ultimate guide for the best paintball hopper can help you achieve your goals.

Best Paintball Hopper

Why Finding the Best Paintball Hopper is the Key to Your Game

Picking the right paintball hopper is key to your successful game just like picking the right mask or marker. Your choice can either worsen or improve the results you achieve on the field. Here are some tips to know when choosing the best paintball hopper.

Best Materials of Paintball Hoppers

The high-quality hoppers are usually designed with similar materials like the paintball marker barrels. They are made of ceramic or aluminum materials. Ceramic hoppers are lightweight and can be the best rivals to aluminum hoppers. They have a featherweight mass but are better when it comes to cleaning them and maintaining them. Ceramic hoppers are delicate and fragile as compared to metallic alternatives. Aluminum hoppers are commonly available, and you can use them as paintball gear. 

Aluminum ones are an affordable choice and are also durable. It would be a surprising fact for all the people who have been advised not to buy the aluminum ones when shopping for a hopper. The drawback of the aluminum hoppers is that they can get soiled with dirt and paint quickly and need regular maintenance.

The hoppers designed with stainless steel offer the best durability. They are a good investment and can withstand intensive use. With stainless steel hoppers, your marker will fit in a hopper that provides extra weight. This would be ideal for players that are looking for speed as paramount.

If you are looking for some affordable options, the paintball hoppers made with stainless steel are the best ones. They are lightweight and are a durable choice. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Polycarbonate fiber also allows the players to give an excellent performance. This material exerts less friction on the paintballs and results in higher velocities.

Don’t Hesitate to Spend More Money for Better Durability

As we mentioned before, the hopper is offered and manufactured in different materials in the market. You will commonly find hoppers manufactured with a plastic surface from the outside. This allows adequate shielding mechanisms inside the hoppers. The plastic covers the individual materials and makes them incredibly resilient. If you have a tight budget and want to spend less on the loader, you must keep in mind that breakage can be possible if you don’t handle it correctly. The loader’s delicate parts can get damaged easily, which will cause the hopper to function correctly. If you are looking for an affordable hopper option designed with plastic and suitable for occasional players, you can spend less on the hopper. The players that are frequently at the paintballing field are advised to invest a little more money when purchasing a hopper.

Quick Refills and Faster Feeding Features of Paintball Hoppers

A speed feed is a feature that you might not be able to ignore. You must inspect these components so that you can check the rim of the feed. The rim will allow you to load the runs smoothly. Speed feeds allow fast reloading in your paintball hopper. If you feel that you cannot refill in the field, you must look into the speed feed. When you pick a hopper, you must find a compatible one with your paintball marker because you will find much variety in the market. If you are an experienced paintballer, you would like to share the live feed rate when shopping for hoppers. The hoppers that are more expensive have got higher feed rates. There are also hoppers available that offer slower feed rates that could be a sensible choice for people that are starting with paintballing.

Quality Mechanisms and Their Variations

The mechanism that is the driving force of these loaders doesn’t have a different design and doesn’t function differently. The drive shaft and the motor is identical but can vary from hopper to hopper. There can be changes in variation, but the hopper’s direction can go during the game if the mechanism is not right. When you are playing backward and forward, you must consider the hopper’s internal mechanism. It would be best to get a hopper that suits your reload style the best.

No Loading Jams

If you get involved in close-quartered combat and are fighting head to head with your enemy, it can be a disaster if your marker fails. The jammed hopper is responsible for the market failure, so you should avoid loaded jams in such cases. If you have a secure and best paintball hopper, then it will have anti-jam credentials and will be able to prevent the loader from getting jammed. There are some quality hoppers available in the market that come with anti-jamming drives. This is one of the most common elements that can be found in the paintball loaders. You can find this feature in affordable options easily.

High-Capacity and Low-Capacity Paintball Hoppers 

It is best to consider high capacity hoppers. There are various basic hopper models, which can help you to load 20 paintballs as a standard. If you are a professional paintballer, then many hopper alternatives boast off capacity levels up to 200. The hoppers with a lower capacity are delicate and suitable for a beginner who has a grip on the sport. The proficient player might seek a higher capacity because they are used to playing more professionally. The hoppers that offer higher capacities allow the shooter to fire continuously and keep on attacking the enemy. The loaders that offer high-capacity are suitable for players interested in all-day combat and frequent the paintball ground. The hopper that provides a capacity over a certain level can get malfunctioned easily. You must consider the hopper’s quality and the brand’s manufacturer to ensure that the hopper has a high capacity and will run smoothly.

Weigh of Your Paintball Hopper is Important

The weight of your loader will have a substantial impact on your performance. If you can invest some more money, you must go for a durable design with lightweight construction. Many hoppers that are offered by the established manufacturers have a sleek design. They are lightweight and don’t put any pressure on your feet during combat. It is best to buy a hopper for paintball guns designed with stainless steel. However, it is up to you whether you choose your marker’s durability or weight more, and you must consider buying a hopper weighing all these options.

Capability to Withstand Any Weather

You can experience any type of weather on the paintball field, so it is best to stay prepared. A high-quality hopper can help you perform well even if the weather is terrible. It is best to consider the highest quality hoppers with a sturdy design so that you can perform well during the paintball game. The weather can affect the paintballer’s performance, so it is essential to consider buying a suitable hopper for all kinds of weather conditions. If the paintball loader is not water-resistant, then it can get damaged easily are become inoperable quickly. It would be best to consider a water-resistant hopper because this is a critical element that you must consider when getting a hopper. This will help you get a better loading performance overall and help you maintain and keep the hopper in order.

Paintball Hopper Looks and Design

Hoppers are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes. You can find a wide variety of hoppers that have a different design. It’s not a problem to find a hopper that matches your marker’s design perfectly as there is much variety available. Don’t just consider the pure aesthetics, as the hopper’s shape also impacts the maneuverability. When you are paintballing, the speed is also affected by design, so make sure to buy a hopper with a minimalist design. This will be a comfortable option for you and help you handle the long fixtures well.

Types of Paintballs and Hopper Compatibility

As we just stated before, there are many varieties and types of paintball hoppers in the market. You must choose the type of paintball hopper that suits your needs. Some paintball loaders have a brittle design, and some are smooth and well textured. There are also hoppers that have a greasier touch and technique. Some types of paintball markers require a specific kind of loaders. It is best to consider the compatibility spec when purchasing a paintball hopper. When you invest your money in a quality paintball hopper, you must be cautious and choose a paintball hopper that can help you load a wide variety of types of paintballs.

Best Paintball Hopper

Make Sure to Pick the Paintball Hopper for Your Competition Level

Purchasing a paintball hopper can be a challenging task. Ensure that you select the best paintball loader compatible with the level of competition you are taking part in. Here are the following details.


If you are a beginner, you will not have to worry much about purchasing a paintball hopper more on the professional side. You can look for something lightweight, portable, and easy to handle. Most players look for something economical, but the beginners may give it even more priority. It will be best if the beginner goes for gravity loaded or the electronic models of paintball hoppers. The best thing about gravity models is that they don’t require any particular battery to run. It will be solely depended on the movement and skills of the novice.

Most of the simple models have a prolonged feed speed that features eight-plus balls every minute. If we compare these simple models with the motorized electronic models, they are easier to handle. The electronic models will give out a high speed that features at least 16+ balls each minute. You will be delighted to know that rigid and electronic models don’t jam and work without any issues. It is undoubtedly one of the most reliable options for a paintball loader.


The mid-range of paintball hoppers are perfect for those who are learning the game’s skills but have not yet reached the professional levels. The mid-range hoppers will be more expensive than other options, and they have many great and varied features. When you fire the paintball gun hopper, and a paintball is released, the mid-range hopper gives the perfect results. If this isn’t enough, these special hoppers also have excellent quality sensors that can analyze different paintball’s movements all at once. Once a paintball comes out after pulling the trigger, the next one will be ready in the upcoming shots no matter how much you want.

The next option is cyclone models, and they are the least popular ones, though. They will have to depend solely on the cyclone feed and offer efficient and sustainable loading. All such paintball hoppers don’t require any batteries to run, and they need gas to work once the paintball game comes into action or play.


If you are one of those professional players who have been into paintball games for some time, purchasing an advanced paintball hopper level will be the perfect option. All such big models have a high level of capacity, while the feed speed rate is also fast compared to other options. The paintball hoppers that are for professional players have got highly equipped and designed motors. You will get an efficient and consistent performance while not worrying about it getting jammed. The specially designed sensors will make sure that nothing goes wrong, and the activity is analyzed at every step.

Paintball Loader

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Paintball Hopper

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when picking your paintball hopper.

Weight and Size of Paintball Hopper

Another essential thing to look for is the weight and size of paintball hoppers. The hopper will adjust the number of paintballs inside according to its weight and size. If you wish to have more balls loaded inside the hopper, looking for a bigger size is the best option. However, there is no need to get the biggest hopper! Just make sure there is enough research done for getting the perfect dimensions of a paintball hopper. If the paintball hopper is perfectly designed, it will easily hold at least 50 balls. Most professionals may not be happy with an unprofessional model, so choosing an advanced model is always a good idea. 

The advanced level of paintball hoppers can even hold 100 balls all at once, giving a lot of convenience and consistency. You can quickly shoot and win against your opponents while taking their time to sit down and load for the next round. If the size is one consideration, you cannot let go of the weight either. Going for a lightweight hopper is always a good idea as it will be easy to move around with it. The modern and compact hoppers are lightweight and are very easy to carry. There is no doubt that the hopper’s weight will be restricting the movements in your paintball game, so getting a light paintball hopper will be the best solution.


It is essential to know that the paintball hopper should be a compatible and convenient choice for playing a good paintball game. The paintball marker needs to be consistent to play the game with the best of everything. You will be delighted to know that most paintball hoppers can easily fit in most gun sizes. Simultaneously, you have to look for the specific hoppers to check in the model you have for the game. If you want to consider such compatible models for the paintball game, it will save you money and return costs. It would help if you guaranteed that the hopper would work with the paint marker very well.


It would help if you chose the paintball hopper, keeping in mind the paintball marker’s style and size. If you want the paintball hopper and gun to become handy, you cannot leave this option out. The hoppers are available in many different colors, shapes, and styles, so it will depend on what you want to choose for yourself or according to the paintball game’s requirements. It will be a bonus if the hopper has a compact built and sleek design. If the paintball hopper is comfortable to hold in your hands and doesn’t restrict any of the movements, you are good to go. You will not mind having excellent looking gear and equipment while playing your game with style.

Fire Rate

When searching for the best paintball hopper, you need to check the fire rate. You need to know the field’s requirements and the kind of triggers that can match up with it. Most players recommend purchasing those hoppers that lie within the mid-range or high-end models. A primary or straightforward model is the best option available in the market for beginners.


Whenever you purchase a product, durability is the first and foremost factor to consider. You cannot ignore this step anyway, but you must know that most paintball hoppers are constructed with plastic, but the materials can differ. Choosing the models that are not easily breakable or prone to damages will be a good idea to save your money and have something long-lasting. When the hopper can withstand harsh conditions, it will facilitate your paintball games too. The gravity models will take care of the shots, and their outer part is more than durable. They can withstand many drops and shorts in one go, while the electric hoppers have their system that can feed many paintballs.


Suppose you want to have a durable paintball hopper. Make sure that you check the materials of construction before purchasing. The hoppers made of aluminum are the most common ones, and they are lightweight too. It is an affordable choice but makes sure you keep it away from dirt as it will get faulty. The hoppers made of ceramic are easily prone to breakage, so it will not last long. Most users will opt for steel as it happens to be the most durable option for everyone.

Steel is a very touch material to break, but it is heavyweight compared to other options. The next and last option is a paintball hopper made up of quality material polycarbonate fiber. It is lightweight and effortless to clean while the durability will win your heart. There will be no friction inside, which will make the paintball’s speed a lot faster than before.

Speed Feed Feature

Speed feed is one of the essential parts of a paintball gun’s mechanism. You can fix this accessory inside the hopper lids, making it a convenient option. The loading is small and circular in size that will very well facilitate the game. The speed feed will help the player load the guns in a short time, while the overall process for refilling will also become faster than usual. You will notice that the speed feed will remain compatible with most guns. Different paintball hoppers come with different speed feeds and feed rate, so make sure you get the best ones.

Affordability and Budget

Every shopper in the market will look for an affordable paintball hopper. If the brand offers high-quality items, you can feel assured that the quality will be useful even if the rates are lower than usual. You need to check the brands before purchasing the paintball hopper, while checking the reviews will also be a wise option.

Mechanism of Paintball Hopper

The paintball hoppers’ mechanism is the same no matter what brand is manufacturing them. There may be some differences that can make or break the performance level. Each hopper usually consists of a drive shaft and a motor with a protective layer on the outside. It will protect the hopper from getting damaged.

Best Paintball Hopper

Here Are Some Cool Paintball Hoppers We Suggest You Look At:

Each of our best paintball hopper recommendations has a five-star rating to ensure you get the best. Our top pick paintball hopper brands are Empire, Dye and Virtue. As we have mentioned, a hopper is not something to try to save money as it directly impacts the performance of your paintball gun. Of course, there will be cheaper items in the lower price range as well as more expensive hoppers in the higher price range.

Virtue Spire IR Electronic Paintball Hopper

  • Highly reliable
  • Sleek design
  • Holds around 200 paintballs
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Includes anti-jam drive


Virtue Spire IR


Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Hopper

  • Very efficient and practical
  • Can fire more than 30 paintballs per second!
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Features adjustable torque


Dye LT-R


Empire Paintball Halo Too Hopper

  • LED low battery indicator
  • Highly durable (made with multiple materials)
  • Lightweight loader
  • 180 balls shooting speed
  • Feed rate 20+ paintballs per second

Empire Halo Too



If I am a beginner, do I need to invest in a good paintball hopper?

Yes, as mentioned earlier in this article, we recommend investing in a paintball hopper for the ultimate performance and avoiding disappointment during a game because your hopper jammed.

How to maintain my paintball hopper in good condition?

Avoid getting mud inside the hopper. Clean it up after each game. Don’t use chemical detergents – water and soap are your best friends. Always store your hopper in a case.

How to avoid damaging a paintball hopper?

You can purchase a specific case to carry your paintball hoper safely. In the case you are also able to keep the battery, rain lids and other accompanying parts. We recommend looking for a case with straps and padding to keep the items secured.

Now You Are Ready to Pick Your Own Best Paintball Hopper

If you have read the entire guide this far, you are ready to buy the best paintball hopper on the market. Following our recommendations about what to look for in a paintball hopper, you will find the best available option.

From all the products mentioned in this guide, we can highlight Virtue Spire IR, Dye LT-R and Empire Halo Too. These best hoppers for paintball will satisfy you in terms of features and quality. If these hoppers didn’t catch your eye, feel free to choose your best hopper for paintball from our list at the beginning of the guide.

Don’t forget to take into consideration what kind of paintball player you are. This will help you choose the right paintball hopper, which is suitable for your level of skills.

Pick your hopper, attach it to your gun and enjoy the game!