Best Paintball Guns in 2024
(Ultimate Buying Guide)


Best Paintball Gun
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Best Paintball Gun
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Best Paintball Gun
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Best Paintball Gun
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Best Paintball Gun
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Best Paintball Gun
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Best Paintball Gun
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Best Paintball Gun
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Best Paintball Gun
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Paintball is an incredibly invigorating sport. That rush of the hunt, the thrill of the chase and that laser-like focus you tap into on the playing field is unmatched. You may be an adrenaline junkie, strategy enthusiast, or just love to practice your shot. Either way, this game deserves its position as a favorite American pastime. Now, let’s work out which are the best paintball guns available on the market.

So you’ve been to a few rental games now (or maybe more than a few) and you’re hooked. With $20 to $40 equipment rentals each time, it might be time to consider buying your own personal gear. But where should you start, you ask? There are an endless amount of options online for buying the best paintball guns, so how do you choose what’s best? This article is a complete guide to help select the best paintball gun for you.

Best Paintball Guns

Best Paintball Gun Is A Dependable One

Picture this – you are on the battleground. Four of your teammates have already been shot down and it’s just you left alive. You steal a glance over the barrier to see there are two members left on the other team. Quickly ducking back down as a fast string of shots miss your helmet by milliseconds, you still have hope. With the right technique, there might just be a chance of taking them both down. You load your gun, take a deep breath, lunge back over the barrier, pull the trigger and – thud. The marker jammed.

Can you imagine this happening? We certainly can. It is the worst feeling in the world when you are mid-play and something goes wrong with your weapon. That’s why it’s incredibly important to make sure the gun you purchase is a reliable one – it will make the game a lot more fun!

Features You Should Consider To Find The Best Paintball Guns

When you’re deciding on which paintball gun to purchase, you’ll likely come across a list of “Key Features“. This is where the seller and/or manufacturer will highlight all of the weapon’s best attributes. Especially if you’re new to paintball, some of the lingo has the potential to get confusing. So here’s a list of basic definitions to help with the process.


Another word commonly used to refer to paintball guns.

ASTM International

A global company that sets safety standards and approves new technologies in a variety of industries including paintball.


The approximate diameter inside a gun barrel or the diameter of the paintball. This is usually expressed in hundredths of an inch.

First Strike

A type of paintball that is 25 times more accurate and provides 2 times the range of a regular paintball. It also features a 68 caliber fin which stabilizes the ball in flight.


The speed at which an object travels. Some guns allow this to be adjustable (known as a velocity adjuster).


A container usually made from plastic that attaches to the vertical feed (see below) and houses the paintballs.

Vertical Feed

The nozzle that controls how many paint balls fall from the hopper down into the firing chamber.


The tube that stabilizes the ball as it shoots from the gun.

Site Rail

A half pipe shaped mount that sits on top of the paintball gun. This piece aids in lining up a shot.

Firing chamber

The area before the barrel where the ball prepares to be fired.

Upper Receiver

Found on realistic guns, the upper receiver replaces the hopper and attaches to a paintball magazine.

Lower Receiver

The channel that houses the striker (see below).


The long cylinder that runs along the gun and acts as a cannon to launch the paintball.

Striker Pin

A small, usually metal or plastic cylinder that attaches the striker to the lower receiver.

Charging Handle

The release switch that opens up to the inside of your gun.


A protective cover that slides over the barrel to protect your hand when firing. Usually found on larger sized realistic guns.


Uses a pneumatic solenoid (an electrically powered striker) to hammer the ball into motion.


An attachment that slides over the barrel in realistic guns. Used for shot stability and holding CO2.


A marker that will reload itself with the next load from the magazine or hopper after one shot. But to fire each round, the player must press the trigger again in order to shoot.


An automatic paintball gun propels rounds non-stop while the trigger is pressed down, or until there is no more ammunition.

How Much Do Paintball Guns Cost?

It’s very alluring to see a price tag that is $75 versus $400. As with any other product, there is a reason for that lower price. Although it will save you some cash now, buying a low quality paintball gun is practically a waste of money. Not only because you’ll run into problems on the battlefield, but also when you consider the long-term upkeep. The bottom line is that a cheaper gun can end up being more expensive. Any gear is likely to need a tune up or maintenance at some point, but cheaper guns will require significantly more visits to the service shop.

Less expensive weapons are less likely to feature removable parts. Also, because these weapons are lower quality, they are more prone to jamming and clogs. This can be a painful combination. The cycle of more frequent clogging is the result of and contributes to the difficulty of cleaning out the gun. It’s an unnecessary headache that can be easily avoided. Instead, a safe price range to start at is $120 for a basic quality marker.

Here Is Our First Recommendation On The Best Paintball Guns

If you’re starting from ground zero, Tippmann is a very reliable paintball brand that sells complete packages. It will include everything you need in terms of equipment. For example, the Tippmann 98 Custom Power Pack usually sells for $220. We’ll go into more detail on this later on.
Did you get scared off by that price? Don’t worry. That is a quality all-inclusive package and there are lots of other options out there that don’t break the bank. A very basic paintball kit can cost as little as $120.

What Kind Of Paintball Player Are You?

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie learning the ropes, you probably have an idea about the kind of player you are. There are a few stylistic types that come up in almost every type of paintball game. Since different guns have special and unique features, your playing style can have a huge impact on the kind of gun you’ll need. Here are some common styles and recommendations too.

The Lone Wolf

Quiet, hidden and solitary. This unassuming player likes to keep to themselves. They’ll be found hiding far away from the others and only making appearances when least expected. Though they do not take or give orders, their strange manner is sometimes just enough to win a game. Lone Wolfs are best suited with sniper paintball guns as their shots are few – but very deadly.

Rapid Fire Ronny

With a seemingly endless supply of ammo, this player distracts, intimidates and shocks opponents. They decorate the field (and other players) with a rainbow of paint and pain. It’s easy to guess that anything automatic is the weapon of choice here. They want a nice barrel paired with an electronic loader. Being able to hold down the trigger firing at a rate of 14 balls a second is a key feature for this player. One may also a machine gun, which typically falls under the automatic category. This adds a little extra “Rambo” to the game.

The Vet

They’ve seen and done it all. These decorated soldiers sport the newest and highest tech gear, keeping it all in great condition. They move like a light footed predator across the playing field and yield the highest quality gun. If you are one of these players, you already know what we’re talking about.

The Coward

Though they hate to admit it, there is always a coward. That player who stays in one highly protected spot that’s usually close to the starting line the entire game. They just like being out there, but do not want to get hit. These players can actually prove to be very useful as they are incredibly hard to hit. A mid grade semi-automatic gun works well for this type of contestant, as they can switch from entirely manual to electropneumatic.

Pack Man

This team player’s strategy is totally based around working together. They watch out for others and develop modest but effective game plays. Generally, these strategies utilize everyone’s strengths. Even though they are far from being cowards, the Pack Man would also benefit from using a mechanical semi-automatic marker. You can never go wrong with the standard weapon of the sport.

Best Paintball Guns

Picking Out The Top Types Of Best Paintball Guns

If you didn’t find yourself in the players list, don’t worry. For you outliers and those who want to learn more about the types of specific paintball guns, we have something for you. Here’s a list that compiles the top 11 most useful, trustworthy and just plain awesome weapons.

Paintball Pistol

Ranging anywhere from $30 to $300, these tiny covert markers work as a sneak attack on your opponent. Usually held in a side holster, they serve as a backup sidearm in the field. Run out of balls on your semi-automatic? Whip out your pistol and fire three quick shots for a surprise win. Or since most models come with at least 20 rounds, use it for style. Since they are such a small weapon, accuracy might be an issue with a less expensive gun. Buying one that is slightly more expensive or that is equipped with First Strike technology is the best route.

Paintball Revolver

First of all, a paintball revolver looks very realistic to the real revolver and feels very solid in your hands. Compared to a paintball pistol, the revolver has fewer moving parts and has less chance of getting jammed due to the revolving cylinder. A paintball won’t get stuck in the revolver which makes this paintball gun truly more reliable. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of this type of paintball gun is the limited amount of paintballs it can hold. The revolver can hold only six paintballs while a pistol can hold 10-15 before a reload. To sum up, the paintball revolver works excellent as a sidearm during the game and will give you an extra advantage over competitors.

Paintball Sniper Rifle

Playing sniper is one of the coolest roles you can take on in a match. Snipers hide in the field, and usually cover themselves in camo, grass and even leaves. They wait silently for the perfect shot. And when they shoot, the gun’s extended barrel, long range, streamline accuracy, silencing system and stability supports make it a deadly tool for the keen marksman. Most of these markers are replicas of real war guns and even include a laser scope. These guns are usually in the high $300 range. So unless you’ve fallen in love with sniping, this might be out of the ballpark for some. Another option is adding a longer barrel to your gun to turn it into a basic sniper. This works as a good stepping stone if you don’t want to commit to the high price tag right now. This way, you’ll also have an opportunity to practice and build up your skills.


Similar to the pistol, this marker acts as a tactical sidearm. It can be used to add a new feature to your game and amp up the fun. In fact, the only real difference from the pistol is the appearance of this device. It’s so realistic that if you don’t have a firearms license, you’ll have to be careful carrying this one outside the arena. As a tasteful addition to your collection, these look exactly like the real deal.

Machine Gun

The term “machine gun” can be used flexibly within the world of paintball. When someone mentions a machine gun, they could mean a couple of things. First, they could be referring to a semi-automatic marker with extreme precision and maneuverability like the M16. Or, it could mean the hyper realistic tripod-standing mega machine gun. This one shoots rounds of magazines in rapid fire, like the RAP4. As you’d guess, the latter of these is the priciest. There are particular similarities between these two that qualify them both with machine gun status. This is based on their fully automatic qualities that fire in lightning succession.


As another highly realistic gun, an AK47 is a type of light machine gun. This tool is beautifully designed in all metal, or with sleek wooden finishing on the handle and side panels. The most popular model of the AK47 model is the T68 AK47. It features a fully functional magazine intake system. Included is the option for a hopper attachment which is perfect for quick reloads. To further enhance the realism, there is an air tank built inside the stock with the Flexi-Air system. The location of this keeps the power source hidden from view. You can also choose to attach an air tank to the stock during longer games.


This replica military gun is a site to behold. With sleek engineering, this compact lightweight firearm is straight out of the movies. For what it is, this marker can be bought at a surprisingly low price of $350. If you’re into replicas, the Tippmann X7 Phenom M16 is the best look alike out there. It includes a hyper realistic fore grip, magazine, carrying handle, collapsible stock and front site. To make it even lighter, you can upgrade to an aluminum barrel without compromising realism. All Tippmann products are made in the USA and come with a two-year warranty.

Pump Paintball Gun

Pump-action paintball guns are a great route for those who want to conserve ammo and practice precision shooting. Since each round is very specific and deliberate, there is more opportunity to focus. In the long run, ammo can get really expensive, especially if you’re shooting multiple rounds every second. A pump firing system can be found across the board, from low end guns to very high end. If you wanted to splurge, you can justify the purchase by how much you’ll save in paint. The reliable firing apparatus provides accurate targeting in each shot. Some models also allow for magazine or hopper attachments, so you can choose based on the type of game being played.


An electropneumatic marker is unique because it runs on battery power. When preparing to fire, your shot is not only powered by compressed air, but also with an electrical device called a solenoid. Once the gun is shot, electricity runs through the solenoid. This piece then opens up a valve to release the compressed CO2 and propel the paintball forward. For some, this gun is preferred because of its heightened accuracy and greater shooting uniformity. With a battery, there are fewer mechanical parts within the gun that allow the marker to fire with less quiver. Yet this is not the gun to bring out on rainy days. Since it runs on electricity, it is more likely to get damaged in damp, muddy, or wet weather conditions. Also, you’ll have to make sure that your battery is always fully charged. This adds an additional step necessary for playing a good game.


Traditionally, paintball guns are powered mechanically. When the trigger is pulled, a string of mechanical actions moves the gun to shoot. The force of the shot comes solely from the compressed CO2 cartridges attached to the weapon. Since they do not run on electric power, playing a game in the rain is an option here. One downfall of this type of gun is that the shot is not completely accurate or reliable. A lot goes on inside this type of gun when it shoots a ball. From hammering to springing to engaging metal switches, all of these have an effect. This causes vibrations and therefore, variances in range. From one shot to another, the range can fluctuate between 10 to 20 feet per second. When playing for fun this isn’t a big deal, but when every shot counts accuracy is key.

Automatic Paintball Gun

Some semi-automatic paintball guns only fire one ball when the trigger is pulled. In other cases, they spit out as many as 17 per second. Either way, this lasts for only for one round and needs to be manually reloaded immediately after. An automatic weapon, on the other hand, is a relentless tool for domination on the playing field. Actually, it’s pretty hard to lose when you have a fully automatic marker on your side. That’s why a lot of recreational paintball fields and arenas do not allow this type of gun during the game. But some do – especially in speed ball games. Also, you can definitely find them in professional competitions. Automatic guns are electropneumatic and come with batteries that can be recharged. They can also be found for a reasonable price in a lot of places. Some disadvantages to this type pf gun is that it’s very easy to get a little overzealous and keep the trigger down for seconds on end. In this case, a paintball stash can dwindle pretty rapidly. This is never a good situation for your game or your wallet. But if you can manage to control your enthusiasm, this is a great tactical weapon that can be used to enhance strategy in many scenarios.

Tactical Paintball Guns

In the sport, there are three main types of gameplay. Tournament, recreational and tactical. Tournament style is played in teams of 3 to 7 within a closed course. It is timed and fast paced where shooting down the other team is generally the goal. Recreational is much more low key. People play this kind of paintball with family and friends for fun after work or on the weekends. This type only requires basic equipment from the participants. Finally, tactical or “woodsball” paintball is a mock military mission. This is where players are given positions and replica gear is put into play. People find themselves becoming totally immersed in this type of gameplay. The game necessitates such intense focus that while in play, the whole world dissolves and all that matters is the mission. Imagine getting decked out in camo pants and camel packs while yielding a hyper realistic tactical weapon. Sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns are all good examples of this kind of marker. These guns are specially designed for this form of play. Exceptional performance and life-like appearance add to the allure. The markers are put into play on a large, usually outdoor course. Players have the opportunity to mimic war in a safe and fun environment. It’s actually so real, that this type of game and gun is even used for police and military training purposes.

Realistic Paintball Guns

The main difference between tactical and realistic paintball guns is that “realistic” usually refers to a replica. Also used in tactical games, these are specially designed to perfectly match real life guns. Models like the AK47, M16 and M4s can be found in paintball form. Be careful though – getting pulled over with one of these could become an awkward situation pretty quickly. Make sure you can prove it’s just a paintball gun!

Best Paintball Guns Packages

When you’re starting from scratch, just a gun won’t be enough. According to safety regulations, you’ll at least need to buy a helmet and goggles before you can hit the field. When choosing a bundle to purchase, make sure it includes these items well as a CO2 cartridge. Seeing the cartridge will help you replace the canister in the future. As we mentioned before, there are lots of affordable basic paintball packages for under $100. If possible, try on the mask and goggles to make sure it’s a comfortable fit.

Getting Some Air

Further to the point about CO2, considering the type of air your paintball gun will need is also an important step of buying a new gun. Most markers from popular brands such as Spyder, Tippmann, Ariakon, Tiberius Arms and Warsensor run on compressed carbon dioxide gas. These tanks usually cost around $30 for 20 ounces. But some versions simply use high pressure air or HPA. Make sure to read the fine print very carefully, since using the wrong type of air can damage your gun.

High Pressure Air Or Compressed CO2?

An example of a firearm that uses this type of firing system is the Smart Parts Ion. This was designed specifically to use HPA. So why even bother with this type of air system you ask? Well it does have its advantages. High pressure air provides a higher amount of shots than a carbon dioxide tank of the same size. It also performs more reliably. Unlike CO2 (which is effected by very high or very low temperatures), weather does not hinder HPA’s functioning. This makes it a good choice for professionals, as it is also quite pricey. Canisters can range from $70 to $500 and demand extra regulators, that sometimes cost extra. A 20 ounce CO2 tank on the other hand, can be purchased for around $30.

How You Can Upgrade Your Paintball Gun Weapon?

So you’ve found your style but you don’t have the funds to fully embody it. That desire to build a gun into the super powered paintball shooting machine you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Building up your paintball gun and gear takes years of accumulated additions. Very few people get it all at once due to the cost. Some guns on the less expensive end (say, $60) do not allow for upgrades. Be sure to ask about this and read the specs carefully if you are interested in adding future features.

When paintball guns get a little more expensive then they usually allow for upgrades. Choose a gun like this and take the time to learn what you like from game to game. The more you play, the easier it will be to choose which upgrades to add to your roster. Add-ons come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but are always meant to enhance four key qualities. Speed, weight, efficiency and accuracy. There are a variety of add-ons that boost these qualities including but not limited to:

  • Stocks
  • Slings
  • Rails
  • Bipod and tripods
  • Sights
  • Intimidators
  • Rails
  • Mounts
  • Shrouds
  • Fore grips


Each of these are made to enhance your game. Certain manufacturers like Piranha and Valken will also have updates specific to their gun lines. These are good to choose because you can trust that the addition is made to fit right with your gun. Not only that, but you’ll receive more support when deciding what to get. You can buy all of these attachments, or bring your maker into the shop for in-gun modifications.

When It Comes Time For Parts And Repairs

No matter how amazing a marker is, it will always need some sort of repairs or maintenance in its lifetime. You can buy a sort of paintball toolkit that helps you make minor repairs on your own. These kits usually include items like Allen keys, ball latches, mini screwdrivers, valve o – rings, fill nipple and burst disks. Different kits can also be bought for issues in different parts of the gun (like the air tank or the barrel). But bear in mind if you are new to paintball it is important to be cautious when fiddling with your own gun. It’s very easy to make a small mistake that results in a big issue. Taking your marker into a professional shop for repairs might be a good choice. Since this might become expensive, you can also ask for help from the people who work at your arena.

Where To Buy The Best Paintball Guns?

Of course many best paintball guns can be bought directly from the store. But before going directly to the store and asking what’s the best, do research online before going out. This is because “the best” is always a matter of opinion. There will probably only be one person at the store, and sometimes ulterior motives like commission can sway a salesperson’s opinion. When online, you can collect a handful of different sources to inform you on the purchasing decision. That way, you already have some ideas before you head to the store.

If you don’t have access to a nearby quality retailer, some of the best paintball guns can be bought online on sites like Amazon, eBay and more. Since this type of item is slightly more expensive than the average online buy, here are some safety tips when making web purchases:

  • Check that the webpage is secure. Look for a tiny lock icon either on the right side of the URL bar or the status bar at the bottom of your web browser. Also, it is wise to look at the top left side of your URL, as it should begin with HTTPS:// (instead of just HTTP://). The extra S stands for secure.
  • Buy from a website that you know is reputable. Big names have stronger protection policies so they are more secure to buy from. When you’re on a well-known site, also make sure the domain looks correct (e.g. that it says .com not .net).
  • Check your statements. This is a good habit in any case, but especially if you buy online. Reviewing your monthly statements regularly gives you the opportunity to catch fraud and notify your credit card company before it gets out of hand.


After You Have Made Your Paintball Gun Purchase – What’s Next?

You did it. All the research, reviewing, questioning and buying is complete. Most people hate hearing this, but don’t run off into the field with it right away! As much as it hurts to do, reading the manual is a really smart time investment to make. Knowing your paintball gun inside and out will make it easier to get into a flow state mid-game and handle minor adjustments when they come up. In the manual you can learn terminology that pertains to your own gun and paintball lingo in general. Additionally, the book will teach you how to properly maintain your gun. Without proper maintenance, great guns can turn to ruin over time. It’s best not to waste your money and stay on top of cleaning, lubing and preserving.

Best Paintball Guns

Here Are Some Of The Best Paintball Guns We Recommend

Tippmann Package (Best for Beginners)

Remember that starter package we mentioned? Here it is in detail. This is a quality package for a fair price. Tippmann is one of the most well respected and prolific brands in the industry. They have a wide range of products and a wider range of prices. But no matter the cost, this company guarantees quality in everything they manufacture. That’s why the Tippmann 98 Power Pack is a solid place to begin.

Description: The semi-automatic .68 caliber marker in this package is a favorite on the market. Highly customizable, this gun will improve while your game does with dozens of upgrades available.


  • Trigger pins and front sight springs allow for easy service and reassembly.
  • Split receiver designed for easy access to internal components and simpler grip installation/modifications.
  • ASA bolts loosening is eliminated during disassembly due to the full depth pockets.
  • Matte finish and barrel porting enhances ball aerodynamics and dampens reflective glare.
  • Power tube is simple to remove and self-sealing with a secure gas line valve. This makes the gun easier to maintain.
  • Goggles feature anti-fog technology.
  • Comes with picatinny rail to be used as a carrying handle for accessories.
  • Marker includes anti-chop technology that minimizes paint breakage and Tippmann inline bolt system.


Spyder Paintball Gun

Spyder is another renowned brand. They are always working to develop newer and better technology to improve the paintball experience. They have two product lines: Mr. series and Classic series. Each have individually distinguishing features to match your style. Yet both lines are specifically designed to be extremely dependable and robust. This means they can be used recreationally or tactically. One of the best things you’ll find included in their line of guns is the Eko Valve system. Essentially, this is designed to maximize efficiency within the air system. A lot of lower quality guns have the problem of wasting more compressed air than is necessary – but not Spyder. Their models also tend to feature DLS dual loading mechanisms. This enables you to charge the loading system quickly with a simple turn of the barrel. On top of convenience, this saves a lot of time when reloading. Some markers even come with First Strike technology to improve range and precision.

Angel Paintball Gun

The Angel was founded in 1997 around the same time as Smart Parts and Shocker in the United States. It is accredited as being one of the first electropneumatic markers. Today the Angel includes a three tube design, linked hammer and bolt, as well as a four-way solenoid valve. Some of the most significant models include the LCD, SB, LED, IR3 and ARK series models. Since the company filed for bankruptcy in late 2011, these models are hard but not impossible to find brand new. There are lots of second hand guns on the market that can be bought for cheaper than their quality should allow. But since Angel is no longer in business, it will be harder and harder to find parts when making repairs. Still, these guns should never be forgotten.

Ion Paintball Gun

You might find that a lot of these amazing paintball guns don’t have websites. Instead, you’ll have to buy from secondary sites such as Ebay. The Ion Smart Parts marker was first released in 2005 and it was revolutionary. Buying an electronic gun with a spool valve for under $300 was unheard of. Even today, you are getting your money’s worth with this quality gun. Even with entry level pricing, it can keep up with much more expensive guns even in tournaments. Upgrades are available for those who are interested. They are very simple to use making them easy to maintain.

Alpha Black Paintball Gun

Also manufactured by Tippmann, this marker is similar to the 98. Yet this tactical model uses a clamshell design on the body to mimic the M16. Right now, there are four types of Alpha Blacks including basic and tactical. There is also the Tactical Power Pack which has all the looks of the M16. However, it has an upgrade to a 200 round gravity hopper, 9 ounce CO2 tank and anti-fog goggles. There is also the Tactical + eGrip that comes with a supplementary eGrip for burst shot firing and fully automatic shooting. You can buy this gun in black or in camo.

Project Salvo

The Project Salvo .68 Caliber Paintball Marker is inspired by the US army. It has a reliable 11” ported barrel, side and top Picatinny rails, and a dual purpose magazine. The magazine’s added feature is that it also works to store tools while in play. Some of the best upgrades include a Response Trigger, Cyclone Feed System and E-Trigger Kit. Additional features include:

  • A highly realistic body
  • Stainless steel gas line
  • Front sling mount
  • Adjustable and removable front/rear sights
  • An AR15 appearance
  • 6 position folding and collapsible stock
  • Lightweight all aluminum receiver
  • Tippmann’s inline bolt system.


Axe Paintball Gun

The Axe will bring a whole new dimension to your game. One of the best invert minis on the market. This ultra-lightweight and highly accurate marker makes it easy to hit your target every time. Unlike many other guns, the Axe features a push button bolt removal system that streamlines the maintenance process. Another unique feature is the ON/OFF Lever on the ASA that makes removing the air tank much easier. There is a complete grip frame for great comfort. Lastly, you’ll find an adjustable firing mode that allows the player to modify PSP ramping and NXL.

Hammer Series Action Pump Marker

A great gun on the lower end of the price line, this $100 gun is a quality marker that you can rely on. Kingman Spyder Hammer Pump Action Paintball Marker is one you can rely on. It has an accurate shot, removable barrel and lightweight frame that is easy to load. Some of its features include:

  • .45 caliber pistol grip
  • Automatic trigger
  • 12 inch hammer barrel
  • Standard threaded AR15 muzzle brake.


This is also one of the least expensive guns you can buy that is also equipped with first strike technology.


What is the best material for a paintball gun?

For many decades aluminum has been the most popular material for paintball guns and is used as a standard. There are also plastic paintball guns but you better avoid this cheap option. Our recommendation – don’t overthink this.

Do I have to pay a fortune for a good paintball gun?

No, you don’t. In the last decades, technology has improved so that you don’t have to spend much money to get a good paintball gun. Many affordable options guarantee excellent performance.

What paintball guns do professional players use?

That depends on the season and the sponsors of professional players. Nowadays, in the professional field you will see Planet Eclipse CS2, DYE M3+, DLX Luxe, etc. Obviously, they are super expensive and loaded with pro equipment.

Now You Know Everything About The Best Paintball Guns On The Market

Choosing the best paintball gun, always remember to avoid cheap models! When it comes to durability and performance – they are not worth your money. As the paintball industry becomes bigger every year, many companies do their best to fill the market with cheap and low-quality paintball guns. This is the reason why we recommend the quality of Tippmann, Dye, Spyder and Empire. We are 100% sure you can always rely on their paintball guns when you are on the field. Pick your weapon from our list of the best paintball guns and dominate your opponents in the game!

There you go! Now you’ve had a comprehensive look at the world of the best paintball guns. You’ve probably even discovered some weapons that you might not have even known existed. You are all ready to get out there and get your paintball gun! We hope that this guide has helped you choose a weapon that will enhance your performance and boost the fun.