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One of America’s favorite pastimes, you will find players ducking and weaving from enemy shots before returning some of their own. Each player is equipped with their unique set of gear – weapons, masks, you name it. These sets have been accumulated over time and represents a player’s personality and style. So if you’re looking to build your set too, we’ve got you covered.


We are the official website for Paintball Awards. We listen to your nominations and compile a list of the best venues, markers, masks, vests, hoppers, tanks, paintballs etc.

Take A Look For Yourself. Here Is Everything We Have To Offer You And More

Venues: Of course, there are many different venues when it comes to paintball. Whether you’re playing at an indoor or an outdoor arena, we’ve got the information you’ll need for each and every state across America.

Guns: With so many options on the market, how are you supposed to pick the right one for you? Sure, we all wish we could have one of each model to pick and choose as we feel, but we’ll get there one day. In the meantime, you’ll have to know how to pick just one or two that suit your style. We’ll walk you through all of the options suitable for different types of gameplay. And don’t worry, we’ll also keep you up-to-date with the newer models too.

Masks: Just like paintball guns, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to masks. We prioritize safety first and then performance. You might be thinking that all you want to do is win, but we’ll make sure the safety specs of a helmet aren’t sacrificed to achieve the winning spot. We consider things like the varying skill levels of different players when it comes to determining the amount of coverage required. The difference is in the form of full-head versus partial coverage masks. Although, each and every model will provide the necessary eye and ear protection. The difference comes down to how much of your neck and the rest of your head is covered by the mask. Either way, we’ll keep you in the know about the newest masks on the market and related accessories.

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Just remember, if you’re ever in need of some paintball wisdom, you can always turn to us at PAINTBALL AWARD. We are dedicated to providing you with the best of the best when it comes to all things paintball. We are your teammate in the pursuit of victory on the field.

May your shots be strong, rapid and accurate.

From the team at PAINTBALL AWARD.

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