Best Paintball in Arkansas (AR)

Winner - Best Paintball in Arkansas AR




Dover has a nice reservation-only paintball field: Xtreme Paintball and Laser Tag. They offer, as you may have guessed, paintball and outdoor laser tag. They’re only open by reservation, and so don’t have any standard hours of operation. They are also able to bring laser tag to your event, if you can’t coordinate it on-site! Xtreme Paintball and Laser Tag has three fields. They have a woodsball/forts field, a WWII field, and an airball field. They offer group rates for groups of 10 or more players, which we recommend you take advantage of. Xtreme Paintball and Laser Tag is a really great place to play some paintball. The variety of courses gives you plenty of ways to play. All players must sign a waiver prior to playing. Players under 18 will need a parent or guardian’s signature. The waiver can be printed from their website.



Located in Conway is Jack’s Ultra Sports. This is an absolute great place for paintball if you have younger children. They only offer Low Impact paintball, and children as young as 8 years old are allowed to play. Because they only offer Low Impact paintball, you must use their equipment and paint. They use an indoor field, so you’ll be able to play without worrying about the weather. Jack’s Ultra Sports also offers an arcade, laser tag, an escape room, and Archery Warz, which is exactly what it sounds like. This is a perfect place for a family get together, or birthday party. An excellent choice for families with younger children, but not for competitive paintball play. Still, they have a lot of fun activities to offer, so they’re still worth checking out! If you’ve got kids who are too young or too nervous to try out traditional paintball, this is a great place to take them for some Low Impact games.



Hillbilly Paintball in Midway is very nice paintball facility. They have three fields for playing: a woodsball field, a woodsball/sup-air combo field, and a speedball field. You’ll be able to play with a good mix of natural and man-made obstacles, like trees, wooden bunkers, spools, inflatable bunkers, and more. Hillbilly Paintball is a field paint only facility, so don’t bring your own paint. Their paint prices are pretty affordable, though, so it’s not a problem. They have special group rates for groups of 10-19 people or 20+ people. The fields open seven days a week at 10am, and close whenever it gets dark. Their fields are a lot of fun, especially the hybrid woodsball/sup-air field. Hillbilly Paintball also occasionally hosts events, so be sure to keep an eye out for any specials or tournaments they have going on. Players must be at least 10 years old to play paintball. All players are required to sign a waiver prior to play. Players under 18 also need the signature of a parent or guardian to play. The waiver is available to download on their website.



If you’re near Springdale we recommend checking out Wild World Paintball. They have such a fun variety of fields for paintball. Plus they have the only regulation X-Ball field within a 50 mile radius. So if you’re looking to get some team practice in, this is the place to do it. They have seven total fields, including tires, towns, woods, and more. They also have special play formats that can be done using a combination of fields, for some added challenge. You’ll have tons of options for different play styles, practice, and challenges. The incredible versatility of the fields here make it great for return trips. You’ll definitely have more new things to try out for a few visits. Wild World Paintball is a field paint only facility. Plan on buying your paint when you get there. They have decent prices for paint and rentals. Signed waivers are required for all players at Wild World Paintball. Players under 18 will also need the signature of a parent or guardian. Waivers are available to download from their website.



All American Paintball Field in Charleston is a great paintball facility. They have a variety of fields, from airball and hyperball, to a spool field, a barrel field, and a woodsball field. All types of terrain and hazards are available! All American Paintball Field is a field paint only facility, so you’ll have to buy your paint on-site. Their pricing is about average, which is fine. There is also no outside food or drink allowed. Instead they have a great, affordable little diner where you can get food and drinks. They have things like soda, hot dogs, and cheeseburgers. They also offer special group rates for groups of 8 or more. We recommend saving a few bucks by taking advantage of it. Overall, All American Paintball Field is a great place. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. All players are required to sign a waiver prior to playing. A parent or guardian’s signature is also necessary for players under 18 years of age. The waiver is available to download and print from their website.