Best Paintball in Alabama (AL)

Winner - Best Paintball in Alabama (AL)





Located in McCalla, PIG is a really great option for paintball, especially if you have younger kids who are interested in playing! They have three different types of paintball: SplatMaster, Low Impact, and Traditional. Traditional is exactly what it sounds like, and is available for ages 10 and up. If you have children under 10, both the SplatMaster and Low Impact versions are something to look into. The equipment is different, so it’s less painful than traditional paintball. PIG recommends SplatMaster for kids 7-9, and Low Impact for kids 7-14. The staff at PIG is extraordinarily knowledgeable and friendly! They’re great with kids, and will make sure your experience at PIG is fun and memorable! They only allow the use of their paintballs (which don’t stain clothes) so don’t bring your own. You can bring your own weapon, though. They have some really sick fields to play on, too. Definitely we found Tire Town and The Castle to be our favorites. They also have a Speedball field for something a little more competitive. And to top things off they offer airsoft, too! Unless you give advance notice, be prepared to play with people outside of your group. However, they will not mix the SplatMaster, Low Impact, and Traditional groups, so don’t worry about someone coming at you with equipment more painful than you signed up for. And to make things even better, that have a grill on site! Nothing could make for a more perfect summer day than paintball and a barbecue! PIG has waivers on their website available if you are under the age of 18 and need a parent or guardian’s signature.



If you’re anywhere near Theodore we definitely recommend checking out Southern Alabama Paintball. They have huge a great variety of terrain to play on. From field, to forest, to swamp you’ll have your pick of playing fields. Plus, they have some awesome obstacles and forts set up for cover. If you’re close, but it’s a little bit of a drive, check out their virtual tour videos on their website. If you weren’t sold already, you likely will be after that. Southern Alabama Paintball is very reasonably priced, too. $30 for full rental and 500 paintballs, or $20 if you have your own equipment. They also offer Airsoft and Laser Tag, and can even bring the laser tag to your event! That’s totally awesome, if you ask us. Plus they have open Paintball every Saturday and open Airsoft every Sunday. They take reservations for weekday events, and large groups (30+ people). Southern Alabama Paintball has such a variety of terrain and a good range of sports, so you’re practically guaranteed to have a good time. Pretty much the only downside to this place is there aren’t any restaurants nearby, so make sure you bring your own food! Southern Alabama Paintball has waivers on their website that you can print if you are under the age of 18. Don’t forget to get your parent or guardian’s signature!



Mt. Doom is the oldest paintball and airsoft field, and it’s pretty clear why they’ve been around that long. They offer some unbelievably spectacular themed events you absolutely won’t want to miss, like Aliens versus Marines or Zombie Hunt. We honestly can’t get enough of their Hunger Games and Quarter Quell games. They even have a special 24-hour Battle for Oz event. Themed events like these happen a couple times a year, but they’re well worth planning ahead for. For the rest of the year they offer $10 entry for weekend open paintball (not including equipment rental) which is super affordable. Their equipment rental rates are fair, as well. Mt. Doom Paintball has three pavillions you can reserve for private parties, which make it a great choice for birthdays or other celebrations! Mt. Doom is more than just paintball and airsoft. They deliver high quality, unique events that take paintball to a new level of badass. This is definitely not a place you want to miss out on. Even if you aren’t near Hanceville and it’s a bit of a drive, trust us, Mt. Doom is totally worth making the trip. We can’t wait for the next big event! Liability waivers are available on Mt. Doom’s website to print. Remember that parent or guardian signatures are required for anyone under the age of 18.



Splattered Woods is a nice family-owned paintball field in Montgomery. Because they are family-owned they require reservations and a small deposit. Group minimum is 10 people. They charge $20 per player, including 200 paintballs, CO2, and gun and mask rental, and they do not allow outside paint. Not a bad deal, honestly! They also offer laser tag for $150 for a group of six for an hour. It seems a little pricey at first, but you’re getting a full hour of laser tag, whereas most laser tag places have significantly shorter games. It might still be on the more expensive side, but not by much. Splattered Woods is only open on Saturdays for now, but still offer a fun time! If you’re looking for affordable paintball for a private group, we definitely recommend checking out Splattered Woods.



Located in Mobile not too far from the University of South Alabama is Xtreme Paintball. This is especially great if you have your own equipment and take advantage of their membership program. Initial membership is $35 for a year, and renewals are $30. Membership gets you half-price field fees ($6 from $12) and members only specials available throughout the year. As far as their rental and other pricing goes, they’re fair; neither expensive nor super cheap. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth! Xtreme Paintball only allows use of their own paint, so don’t bring your own. They have several fields with diverse terrain, including woods and trench fields. They also have a really cool Hyperball Speedball field for more competitive style play or practice. It has some really awesome cover and obstacles made of corrugated pipe. You should definitely check it out! Plus if something goes wrong with your own equipment, they offer on-site repairs. Their staff is safety-focused, and friendly. Xtreme Paintball requires signed liability waivers for all participants. Participants under 18 will also need a parent’s signature; children under 10 are not allowed to participate. You can print waivers to fill out from their website. They also have waivers available to fill out and submit electronically if you don’t have access to a printer!



The only tournament-sized field in the greater Enterprise area, Brothers in Arms Paintball is an amazing paintball facility. With traditional paintball available only to those ages 10 and up, Brothers in Arms Paintball also offers .50 Cal for ages 8-12. It’s perfect for a family outing or birthday party! Plus, players are matched based on skill level and experience. .50 Cal players will only play with .50 Cal players, people using rentals will play against other people using rentals, and those bringing their own equipment are divided into intermediate and advanced groups. Honestly we love this because it’s seriously no fun to play against someone who is way better than you. Even matches make for the best games for everyone! Of course if you’re playing as a private group they won’t split you up. Brothers in Arms Paintball is great because you can play casually, but they also host tournaments. If you’ve got a team or want to form one for more competitive play this is the place for you! Step up your game and join the league for a real adrenaline rush! Brothers in Arms Paintball has liability waivers available for download on their website. Parent or guardian signatures are required for players under 18 years of age.



Open on weekends in Mobile is Bob’s Paintball. They have some really nice fields to play in, including a nice shady woodsball field for those hot summer days. Plus they have a Speedball/Airball field if you need to practice with your team on something built for competitive play. They offer special rates for tourney teams and large groups (30+) so this is probably your best option for team practices and scrimmages. For non-competitive play they have nice rental pricing, as well. Lots of paintball facilities only allow use of their paint, but at Bob’s you’re welcome to bring your own paint. They allow most brands of paint, but won’t let you use any Monster brand paints, sorry. There’s also a small up-charge for using your own paint, so keep that in mind. Bob’s Paintball requires all players to sign a liability waiver before playing. The waiver is available for download on their website. Make sure you bring it with you!



Conveniently located in Calera, Central Alabama Paintball Park is honestly really amazing! We love paintball, but honestly it’s tough to spend too much time outside on hot days. CAPP offers a really chill air-conditioned player lounge for you to rest and cool off between games. There is a mixed lounge for open play, but they also offer a private room for private groups, which is super cool. Beyond regular paintball, CAPP also has a slew of crazy fun game formats like capture the flag, zombies, re-spawn, and attack & defend, just to name a few. If you have kids CAPP also has Low Impact .50 Cal play for ages 6 and up! This is a great idea for a birthday party. Low Impact is safe and fun for kids and adults. They have some really awesome fields, including a crazy spool field that we loved. They even have a field with airplane carcass obstacles! Talk about cool! There’s no question that CAPP is a great paintball facility. If you love paintball or just want to give it a try, definitely head out to CAPP and do it! Central Alabama Paintball Park requires waivers for all players. Electronic waivers are available to be signed online if you don’t have access to a printer.