Best Paintball in Alaska (AK)

Winner - Best Paintball in Alaska AK




907 Paintball in Anchorage is a great paintball facility. They offer games for players of all levels of experience, so it’s great for beginners. Their rental prices are very fair. They also offer open play, and competitive play with different rules for advanced players. You can also play private games if you want, though they encourage inclusivity. 907 is open on weekends from May 5th through mid October. It’s a field paint only facility, so don’t plan on bringing your own paint. Their field paint is environmentally friendly and water-soluble, so they shouldn’t stain most clothes. If you’re a regular paintball player we recommend getting their season pass! This nets you a field pass, free HPA refills on open days, and a discount on paintballs. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us. Signed waivers are required for all players, and players 10-17 must also get the signature of their parent or guardian. Waivers are available on 907 Paintball’s website, or you can sign it in person at the field if you don’t have a printer.



Also in Anchorage, Warrior Xtreme Paintball is a great place for a day of fun! They have some really nice woodsball fields, and a Speedball set up as well. They do open play once a month with special pricing. Definitely look out for that! This is a field paint only paintball field, so plan on using their paint. Warrior Xtreme Paintball is great for beginners, or for bringing your children 10 and up. They have friendly, knowledgeable staff, and offer training for conceal and cover tactics. They have two woodsball fields of 2.5 acres each. If you don’t have your own equipment, their rental prices are fair. Lots of fun, with some cool obstacles and cover, like a gutted van in the woods. You’ll definitely have a blast!